Stonehaven Farms is nestled in a picturesque pocket of the Niagara Escarpment in Campbellville, Ontario. just north of Burlington and west of Milton. We invite you and your family to come and experience our farm market  offering exclusively homegrown and locally obtained fresh produce, including gourmet food items, while taking in “fresh from the oven” baking aromas. We pride ourselves on producing quality, wholesome, fresh products with zero tolerance for pesticide presence. We are pleased to share our farm/market with you and your family along with enjoying entertaining family fun in this pastoral setting.


In adjusting to current COVID-19 protocol, we would like to continue to share our homegrown plump, sweet & juicy STRAWBERRIES, including a selection of your farm favourite LOCAL GOURMET FOOD ITEMS,  and ‘baked to order’ fresh from the oven BAKED GOODS,  with you in the safest manner.  So we at  Stonehaven,  will be introducing our new “Country Counter” online store for pickup, available soon!

Please stay in touch with us for updates and “Country Counter” online details.  Rest assured, that we are observing the utmost care for the health and safety of our farm family, you-our valued customer and our community alike, in preparing for our upcoming market season.  We look forward to your smiles and thank-you in advance for supporting your local farmer!

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us currently at OR
905-878-1870(during market season)

A Little About Us

Stonehaven Farms originated in Clarkson, Ontario, in 1904, where William D. Trenwith grew fresh produce and vegetables for local outlets. In 1957 Stonehaven Farms expanded, moved to Campbellville and continued to grow fresh produce for local markets. Six generations of Trenwiths have now been involved in growing and expanding our family farming business.

For many years, Stonehaven Farms had been a key supplier of fresh, quality strawberries for several grocery chain stores and farmers markets. In 2008, we decided to move away from the large wholesale strawberry business, to “get back to our roots” offering  families the opportunity to acquire the widely famous Stonehaven strawberries directly from the source at our new seasonal “on farm market” . Our “Stonehaven Transport” fleet was also phased out in the process, where we are no longer involved in fresh produce  trucking industry. We do however, continue to provide year-round Common Cold and Controlled Atmosphere storage for other fresh produce suppliers, aside from our own market business itself.  In addition to our growing homegrown produce selection based on customer demand (offered seasonally in the market), cash crops such as soybeans, corn and winter wheat are also grown here on the farm.

-Trenwith Family

The market is a wheelchair friendly facility.

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