Country Counter

Welcome to Stonehaven Farm’s “Country Counter”:

Country Counter Online Shopping is now closed for 2021.

Bakery preorders are most welcome by phone or email when open for market season.

( orders are not confirmed unless you have received our reply). 

 Your favourite baked treats are baked ‘fresh for you’ on the morning of your pickup date, and strawberries are picked fresh daily.  These yummies listed are a sampling of what our bakery has to offer and is available to order online for “Country Counter Pick-Up” if your order is  placed  by 5 pm  one day in advance only.  If you wish to place a same day order instead, we recommend that you call  to check on availability. Phone messages left, are not considered confirmation of your order. We will happily return your call as soon as possible, to confirm your order and to arrange your pick up time. We look forward to both familiar and new smiling faces!


Share With Us!

Don’t forget to post or send us your pictures to share online of you enjoying your berries, creating a fabulous dishes etc…but only the flattering ones because lots of people will see them!