We are observing the utmost care for the health and safety of our farm family here at Stonehaven, and for you – our valued customer and our community alike.

2022…Our farming family is adhering to strict sanitary and safety practices from picking your strawberries to preparing your orders. Stonehaven is not just our business, it is also our home. So rest assured that we are doing our part to help keep everyone safe with highlights as follows:

All staff has been given PPE to use according to situational Covid risk assessment, and required to complete Covid self assessments each time they are on duty. Visitors are also guided to ensure they acknowledge and answer Covid self assessment questions on display upon entry to the farm also. The market, washrooms,  and other commonly touched surfaces are regularly sanitized/cleaned.

Washrooms are all gender neutral, allowing only 1 person or one household in each washroom (formerly women’s and men’s).

Sanitizer is used regularly used after shopping basket and POS use.

Visitors are kindly requested to  sanitize their hands upon entering the market, to ensure both staff and customers are touching products that are as “germ free” as possible.

Strawberry pick your own, pumpkin pick your own and fall activity purchases are served from our “country cabin”, to keep any lineups socially distanced outdoors.

Our new ice cream/beverage counter will also serve customers from an outside only access at the north end of the market, with outside lineup also.

We are limiting the number of customers inside the market with one entrance in and one entrance out, to maintain social distancing and are constantly monitoring the number of visitors in the picking fields, and activity areas(if open)  for your safety and ours as well.

Benches (and a few picnic tables ) are currently provided for a brief break or for you to enjoy you ice cream/treat on the farm.  We are offering strawberry and pumpkin PYO as a harvest, rather than an event or gathering, where seating is meant for short time use….picnics/lunches are prohibited.

We are also happy to serve you your ready picked strawberries in the market, to reduce the degree of handling, rather than introduce any more potential risks than necessary.