Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own At Stonehaven Farms

Stonehaven Farms is pleased to offer seasonal  ‘Pick-Your-Own’ strawberry, raspberry and pumpkin picking! (Any other produce  offered is ready picked )

Start and finish dates for picking vary for each year’s picking season*, so please be sure to check beforehand  for current dates/times.

PYO strawberries is now open

for our season!

PYO availability is subject to rain conditions and severity. 

No refunds given due to rain, or unused baskets.

Last strawberry/raspberry PYO entry is at 4  pm.

Strawberries 2022:  Please proceed to our  PYO purchases/check-in windows at the “country cabin” next to the market, where you purchase your berry baskets prior to entering the field.    Each basket allows admission for 2 people age 5 and up and is included in the pricing. This is a minimum purchase requirement if you wish to go to the patch. There is no additional admission fee, and our giant covered sandbox and Farmer Bob’s tractor are offered complementary for our customers.   PYO strawberries, are offered on a walk-in or first come first serve basis only, with a short walk to the patch.  Reservations for PYO strawberries are not required or taken online, by email or by telephone. Ready picked strawberries are available inside  the market.  If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us. Please refer below to the “Pick Your Own Strawberries Explained ” section for more details.


This is a brand new venture for us with details to follow.  Raspberries are generally ready for harvest after strawberry season has finished, so please check back soon for details as we navigate this new experience we are so pleased to offer in 2022.

Pumpkins 2021: 


PYO pumpkin tickets are purchased prior to field entry on a walk in basis only – no booking or reservations required(or taken).   Masks are not mandatory in the patch as it is outdoors in a very large open field,  but they are still recommended as we do ask that you respect social distancing, and pick the pumpkin(s) you touch.  Numbers of visitors in the field at any given time are monitored.  Wheelbarrows/wagons are sanitized after each use, and please do not allow your children to ride in the wheelbarrow/wagons for their safety.  Please see below for further pumpkin pyo explanation.


Please Note: Last entry to the PYO strawberry patch is at 4 pm daily and  PYO pumpkin patch is at 4:30 pm.

Pick Your Own Strawberries 2022


Stonehaven Strawberry “Pick Your Own” Explained….

  • Please note that strawberries are also offered ready picked in small and large sized recyclable baskets picked fresh daily
  • We offer PYO  using a prepaid flat rate system using our small or large containers only which are recyclable
  • Approximately 2 pounds plus in the small basket at $ 11.49 each basket …large basket approximately double the small size at $22.99 each basket
  • Guests walk to the field(s) just steps away from the market (wagon rides are not available during strawberry season due to logistical safety concerns)
  • Additional small or large containers may be purchased with cash in the field for your convenience (cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard in the market)
  • Each basket purchased allows admission to the field for 2 people age 5 and up.  This is a minimum purchase requirement if you wish to go to the patch.  Children under 5 are free.
  • No refunds given due to rain, or unused baskets
  • PYO will be closed if it’s raining in the field
  • All ages are welcome to enjoy the harvest, though strollers are to be left at the edge of the field, and children must remain at your side at all times
  • Families must remain together tightly and to respect social distancing from other guests.
  • Diaper bags and wet wipes are not permitted in the field for sanitary and equipment friendly reasons
  • Washrooms are open for you to sanitize before and after strawberry picking.
  • Several varieties of strawberries are offered, so please ask an attendent to sample a berry to ensure your enjoyment of that particular variety, but “eating” is strictly prohibited
  • Food is not permitted in the strawberry patch, so please enjoy your “Stonehaven’s Cravin’s” treats before or after your picking.
  • Please handle only the berries you pick
  • Stonehaven attendants are present in the field to answer any questions and to guide you to any “hot spots” of the day if you wish, and to ensure your experience is clean, safe and orderly
  • Please don’t hesitate to call if you would like a current field report or have any further questions

Pick Your Own Pumpkins

Tickets are available from our new Country Cabin located just outside the market on a walk-in basis only  – no reservations/appointments necessary (or taken). Wheelbarrows/wagons are complimentary to use and sanitized after each use.  Please return to the patch entry area once you have taken your pumpkin(s) to your vehicle.  For safety purposes, please do not allow your children to ride in either wheelbarrows or wagons.


Stonehaven Pumpkin “Pick Your Own “Explained…..

Our pick your own pumpkins are “pesticide free,” as well as our  ready picked.  Wagons and wheelbarrows are complementary for your transport convenience  from the field  which is just steps from the market, to your vehicle.    Prices are flat rated per pumpkin, so whatever shape or size you desire , we encourage you to enjoy the thrill of the hunt from the entire field directly from the vine.  Please purchase your PYO pumpkin ticket(s) prior to field entry at the Country Cabin located just outside the market/pumpkin patch and hand in ticket(s) to gate attendant upon returning to your vehicle.  Field entry is only permitted with a ticket(s), even just for photo opportunities.  Last entry to PYO patch is at 4:30 pm.

The market is a wheelchair friendly facility.